2024 Solo National Champion

Choreo by Mia Starr, Masquerade National Finals in Minneapolis

Choreography Award for her self choreographed solo, That's Life, from Masquerade National Dance Competition 2024.

1st Place Overall Senior Soloist for her self choreographed solo, That's Life, in Denver at Intrigue Dance Intensive and Eleve National Dance Competition 2024.

That's Life, Mia's 2024 self choreographed solo. 

Matilda, Mia's 2023 self choreographed solo.  

1st Place Senior Solo and Title Winner at Revolution Talent 2023.

Group Dances

Close the Mind, Choreographed and Directed by Mia Starr.   

Imagination Group Winner  - Intrigue Dance Intensive Minneapolis and Denver

Teen Elite Small Group Winner, and Top Teen Group at Eleve National Dance Competition in Minneapolis

People Watching, Choreographed and Directed by Mia Starr.

Mia had the opportunity to choreograph and direct a group piece at Neovate in Orlando, FL, in August of 2023.  Neovate attendees were randomly placed in her group and they were given a 3 hour rehearsal to learn the piece before performing it in the closing show.